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Laminating Film for Digital Printing (Clear)

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Over laminating film for digital printing media (clear)

│ Description │

Over laminating film for digital printing media (clear)

│ Function │

Over laminating film for digital printing media (clear)

│ Feature │

Laminating film for digital printing media (clear) is a film that is used to coat surfaces of digital printing media
in oreder to protect them from fading and damaging. the film is very high in clarity so it enhances the color and
sturdiness of the digital media and has superior bonding. it has an outstanding resistance towards environments
with high moistrue, chemicals, and intense UV radiaiton, the laminating film is wrinle free, curing free,
and is very flexivble. the apply, and is easily cleaned by water or alcohl.

our company has manufactured the product under strict quality control
and inspection process from the 40 years of knowhow and experience in manufacturing.

 │ Specification │


Type - PVC Film
Color - Clear
Gloss - Glossy
thickness - 90 µm


Type - Acrylic, Permanent type
Color - Clear
Adhesion - Painted steel panel: 2.0 kgf/inch
Thickness - 25 µm
Application temperature - 40° - 100°F (4° - 38°C)


Type - 150g/m2 Single side Polyethylene-coated paper
Thickness - 175 µm
General Availability (Roll) - 36 inch (914 mm) x 45 m , 50 inch (1270 mm) x 45 m , 60 inch (1520 mm) x 45 m

The numerical values above can be slightly changed according to the experimental methods.
The values above are reference purposes only.