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Interior Film - Paper Weave

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Interior Film - Paper Weave

│ Description │

Interior Film - paper weave

│ Function │

paper weave look adhesive interior sheet

│ Feature │

Self-adhesive paper weave wall paper is made by thinning paper
that has been thinned out like thread and woven like fabric.
The luxurious and natural beauty of it is great for art walls, boxes, background for frames,
etc to make the product arranged up front stand out.
 The special characteristic of the paper weave sheet makes it thicker compared to other
sheets so it does not stretch or sag. Our company has manufactured the product under strict quality control and inspection process from the 40 years of knowhow and experience in manufacturing.

│ Specification │



Wall Paper or Embossed PVC Film
Material - Fabricated Paper
thickness - 5 mm


Type - Acrylic, Permanent
Color - Clear
Adhesion - Stainless Steel Panel: 2.0kgf/inch
Thickness - 25 µm
Application temperature - 40° - 100°F (4° - 38°C)


Type - 120g/m2 Polyethylene-coated paper
Thickness - 150 µm
General Availability (Roll) - 1220 mm x 50 m

The numerical values above can be slightly changed according to the experimental methods.
The values above are reference purposes only.