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Interior Film-Synthetic Leather

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Interior Film-Synthetic Leather

│ Description │

Interior Film-Synthetic Leather

│ Function │

Self Adhesive Interior film.  Synthetic Leather Made. Home Furnishing.

│ Feature │

Interior film is designed for furniture interior, wall surface interior, and other props.
The material of the leather sheet is artificial leather made with PVC.
It has a great sense of reality, has superb texture,
and is very durable which makes it a luxurious interior finish material.
Cleaning can be done easily with a wet towel.

│ Specification │



Type - Synthetic Leather
Color - Various Type
thickness - 120 µm, 180 µm


Type - Acrylic, Permanent
Color - Clear
Adhesion - Stainless Steel Panel: 2.0kgf/inch
Thickness - 20 μm
Application temperature - 40° - 100°F (4° - 38°C)


Type - PET
Thickness - 38 µm
General Availability (Roll) - 500 mm x 30 m, 1000 mm x 30 m

The numerical values above can be slightly changed according to the experimental methods.
The values above are reference purposes only.