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Window Film (Decorative/ Solid/ Tinting)

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DIY - Window Film

│ Description │

DIY - Window Film

│ Function │

DIY -  Self adhesive Window Film. Decorative and Privacy Window film.  Energy saving, Apply for Residential, Commercial, Car window, etc.

│ Feature │

Window Film – DIY (Do It Yourself) is an interior sheet made easy for anyone to apply themselves.
There are solid films, color films, and functional films.
The solid film is made into two patterns; plain and design patterns.

 The only difference in the two is that one has a design where the other does not and is identical in the properties and way of use. The privacy can be protected when the film is placed on the window surface because it blocks the view from the outside.

Color window film is the stained glass film which is similar to what we can see at cathedrals designed
with characters or natural sceneries. Color window film is a great way to change the atmosphere at an ease at a low cost. Functional film is designed for privacy protection since it fairly blocks the insides view from the outside
but allows the inside to view the outside so it can be used in areas such as the balcony, hotel, and motel windows.
Window Films are made of PVC material so it does not get soiled easily, lasts long, is easy to apply,
and is easily cleaned by water or alcohol once it gets spoiled so being able to keep it clean for a long time is the biggest advantage.

 │ Specification │



Type - PVC Film
Color - Embossed after Printing
thickness - 120 µm, 180 µm


Type - Acrylic, Permanent
Color - Clear
Adhesion - Stainless Steel Panel: 2.0kgf/inch
Thickness - 20 μm
Application temperature - 40° - 100°F (4° - 38°C)


Type - PET
Thickness - 38 µm
General Availability (Roll) - 500 mm x 30 m, 1000 mm x 30 m

The numerical values above can be slightly changed according to the experimental methods.
The values above are reference purposes only.